Safety & Special Requests


We take special care when Senior citizens are arriving. Drivers are informed well in advance that they will be need to take special care while travelling with them and should be ready to help them out with any of their special needs. Any special requests can be informed to us in the advance and it will be taken care off.


Whether you are a single lady or group of ladies, our team is here to help you out.  Any special request’s by women travelers can be accommodated if informed to the driver or us well in advance.

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Our contracted drivers have been cherry-picked. Currently on-duty we have 3 drivers and thus on any given day we can only book maximum of 3 private tours.
They are veterans in their field. They can communicate in English, Hindi, Tamil & Telegu. They have travelled regularly in Mysore and nearby regions and know about the tourist attractions and in and outs of the area by heart. They can also navigate and drive safely in bad weathers. All have got both doses of Covid-19 Vaccination and have gone thorough background checks and posses PVC(Police Verification Certificates).


Our tour guides are localities and can fluently speak in English & Hindi and the local language Kannada. They have been full vaccinated and are caring towards the guests.